How it works?

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How it works?

Our mission is to make profitable investment in a promising and fast-growing cryptocurrency market understandable and accessible to a wide audience.

Using a unique investment strategy with the hourly reporting period, we are able to pay our investors high returns, regardless of the situation on the cryptocurrency market.

Below you can find our three balanced tariff plans, which imply an hourly accrual of profit up to 4% per day!

How to deposit or withdraw?

1.Click Make Deposit

2.Choose Plan To Make Investment.

3.if you deposit from cryptocurrency so just scan QR code To Pay

4.How to make withdraw?click cashout to choose payment method and fill amount to request



For each referred user you will receive a commission on the amount of each of his deposits or reinvestments. You can earn unlimited money. There is no upper limit to your future earnings.

Thanks to the program, the Company saves money on online advertising, and investors receive bonus rewards from each deposit of a new member invited by them.

By participating in our affiliate program, you can expect to make a profit of 8% of the deposit amount of your 1st plan referrals, 3% of the deposit amount of 2nd plan referrals and 1% of the deposit amount of 3rd plan referrals.

8% Direct
3% 2nd Line
1% 3rd Line
process cnland.io

How is the work process of our company?

01 CHOOSING THE ENVIRONMENT The appropriate environment for cultivation is determined by several factors of our advisory team
02 LAND RECLAMATION After determining the appropriate place, specialists choose the best ways to prepare the land for cultivation.
03 Investment process The land has been cultivated with the latest agricultural technologies, to ensure the quality of the crop.
04 Receiving a profit After collecting the crop, the specialists of our company supply the crop to the appropriate places, after which the payments are sent to our investors.